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We offer a wide range of world class video surveillance products chosen specifically for your unique surveillance requirements. Our technologies include data aquisition devices, including cameras, recorders,video management systems (VMS) along with Video Walls, to satisfy a vast range of projects and budgets.

Advance camera technology

► The latest HD over Coax replacement technology for cost effective upgrading            from Analog legacy systems.

► A full range of IP cameras for all applications from indoor to outdoor explosion        proof class1 Div1 PTZ technology. 

► Purpose Built Cameras for complex projects e.g. Long Range surveillance with          Side By Side Visual and Thermal PTZ cores with Thru Shaft for Mounting Thermal      Radar.

► A wide range of 360 Degree panaramic cameras to provide excellent situational        awareness providing HD subject tracking.


Advanced radar systems


We offer unique wide-area radar and thermal camera surveillance system, producing real-time full panoramic images with automatic intrusion detection and tracking capabilities. It provides powerful situational awareness up to 360 degree visualization of the surroundings. It is a completely passive system invisible to intruders and is not vulnerable to camouflage or jamming, while operating 24/7, in all weather conditions.

Advanced Long range thermal ptz cameras


Offering advanced detectio abilities with integrated intelligent video applications such as line crossing and intrusion detection, our recommended cameras can automatically trigger an alert and at the same time trigger a traditional pan / tilt / zoom camera to supply pertinent video to an operator. This application becomes especially effective in perimeter protection and area surveillance applications.

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