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A System Solution can be greatly improved or enhanced with the addition of appropriate Specialty Solutions to augment the key technology infrastructure. Using a PSIM these technologies can be used in tandem to dramatically augment system effectiveness and performance.


 ► Drones – The integration of robotic elements can be a great force multiplier allowing ‘eyes on target’         capability faster and safer than deploying human assets.

 ► Radar – Ground Based Radar provide long range target detection and tracking in all weather for                 effective Perimeter Protection.

 ► Thermal Radar – Provides passive medium to short range target detection and tracking 24/7 with               visual confirmation of the target or threat.

 ► Anti-Tailgating Solutions - Effective control of ingress to high security facilities to ensure that only one       person gains authorized access, as required.

 ► 3D Facial Recognition – High Security real time capability using live video as the input to positively             identify any individual or individuals in a crowd against White (Good) or Black (Bad) Data Base watch         lists.

 ► Wireless – From Simple 300Mbps 801.11n unlicensed Point to Multi Point to ultra-secure military               grade 10Gbps full duplex Point to Point systems.

 ► Cyber Security – Access to sophisticated subject matter experts.


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Multi level drone systems

Robot as a Service (RaaS)

Drones can be used in multiple RaaS autonomous rolls to handle Threat Response, Patrols or Surveillance Missions. Drone technology is a force multiplier as drones can be dispatched and hover or track over the scene to provide real-time video imagery (visual and thermal) and where required can be equipped with a variety of payloads, for other mission types. Drones are housed in weatherproof nests that provide recharging of their batteries as well as high speed communication interfaces

Under vehicle scanning systems

Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems 

This technology allows high resolution scanning of vehicles tied to License Plate Recognition (LPR) Data Base allows effective detection to any changes to the underside of any vehicle that frequently enters a facility and provides high probability real time threat detection with no human in the decision loop.
Provides High resolution imaging at 900 fps and can scan vehicles at up to 45 MPH with minimum construction required to install a fully operational system at entrance gate or choke point. 

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