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Business analytics makes extensive use of real time and statistical analysis plus fact-based management to drive decision making. Analytics may be used as input for human decisions or may drive fully automated decisions. Business analytics is the science of querying, reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP) and "alerts".

Business analytics requires full situational awareness of all aspects of the business or enterprise. In order to achieve this, a holistic approach must be followed including elements, such as:

► PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) Platform.

► Customer Identification using their Smart Phone linked to Online Presence.

► Loss Prevention using multiple technologies with Real Time Data Mining.

► Real Time Video Analytics for threat and incidence management.

► Armed Intruder real time solutions to manage life threatening situations with            split second messaging to save lives and allow law enforcement full situational          awareness, in real time.

► BACnet interface via LAN or secure 900MHz wireless network for Campus. Wide       Control of Sensors and Building Automation.


C4 observation systems

Physical Security Information Management

We have partnered with world class PSIM Companies that have years of experience in this complex field.

PSIM has to integrate many ‘stove pipe systems’ such as Video, Access Control, Perimeter Management, Business Analytics, Building Automation, Visitor Management etc.

The PSIM must allow rules based decision making and in the event of a crisis provide clear actionable intelligence to the decision making team in a format that draws attention to the most urgent situations while controlling assets to effectively manage any incident.

In the case of US agencies or Military projects a PSIM system must be FIPS 140-2 compliant to ensure all transactions and communications are fully encrypted, end to end. The PSIM also must allow for the partitioning of data so that only authorized users have access to what they are authorized to.

Artificial intelligence analytics

Advanced  Video Analytics 
Non Rules Based Video Analytics

A typical Operations Center has hundreds or thousands of video channels. It is essential that staffs are provided with actionable intelligence to enable them to be pro-active in any situation.

We have partnered with world class providers that deliver field proven solutions that ‘auto learns‘ any cameras FOV, over a rolling 14 day period. The system uses this data to monitor for any anomaly and immediately bring it to operator’s attention.

The picture shows a live system with many video panels blank. Only when an anomaly is detected, the event pops up to draw attention to a camera that has detected an event, which requires investigation. The system dramatically reduces workload on operators and makes them more efficient as they respond to events that require immediate attention.

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