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Access Control is a matter of controlling who, where, and when. The system determines who is allowed to enter or exit, where they are allowed to exit or enter, and when they are allowed to enter or exit. Historically, this was accomplished using keys and locks but keys do not allow restriction to specific times or dates or provide records of the key use…

Access Control recommandations

An effective security system should include Access Control to allow ingress to those you want to have access to your Business, Home, Vacation Home, Yacht or Hangar. Credentials can include a Card, Your Smart Phone, Biometrics (Finger, Palm, Iris etc.) or “3D Facial” using a live Video Camera feed.

Eco Technologies can supply Simple Access systems all the way to Enterprise Class Systems controlling thousands of doors and elevators across hundreds of locations across the globe that can all be controlled from your smart phone, while you are lying on the beach.


Advanced secure locking systems

Intelligent Locks

► You could track who and when someone entered a door?
► You could immediately rekey without wasted time and expense?
► You could install a wireless lock in the same door prep as a standard                mechanical lock?
►You could avoid all key duplication?

Facility wide access control techology

IP Based Access Control

We offer a vast product range including IP, wireless and battery powered access control solutions to provide reliable security for any site requirement.

We pay attention to the selection of high quality products that offer exceptional customer care, ensuring we deliver the best solutions that are easy to configure, install and implement.

These systems can/should integrate with PSIM, Video Surveillance, Fire and Burglar Systems to allow a full audit trail. 

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