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Perimeter Management is a Mission Critical function in today’s complex and uncertain world dealing with terrorism. In the USA, as a matter of national priority, NERC have a mandatory requirement called CIP (Critical Infrastructure Program) which along with other regulatory requirements, have drawn attention to the need for effective Perimeter Management for all critical infrastructure sites.

Vehicle detection and identification systems

An Ideal Perimeter Management System should have the following “3D” elements:

► Detect

Radar (Ground Based and/or Thermal) can provide geo tagged long range target detection and tracking.

Fence line Intrusion Detection Systems using Single Mode Fiber capable of protecting miles of fence line and providing geo referenced intrusions and integrated into PISM system for full situational awareness with real time Command and Control responses as required.

► Delay

Non-lethal weapon systems capable of providing “voice of God” Communication over vast distances and if the threat moves closer to the fence line, the system can provide high level acoustic deterrence to deter and disorient would be attackers. These systems can include visual systems that have laser dazzler or ultra-high power strobe lights for effective incident management at night.

► Deny

Entrance screening provides an effective solution to deny access to any person or vehicle using advanced In Vehicle Scanning for weapons and explosives and hidden passengers.


Advanced long distance detection and tracking

Ground Based Radar

We have partnered with Best In Class radar manufacturers and can provide Ground Based or Coastal Radar Systems to suit any requirement.

Modern radar systems provide hi reliability all weather systems capable of detecting and tracking targets over many square miles.

Radar systems can be coupled to PSIM to provide integrated geospatial target tracking or Automatic Vessel Identification (AIS) in the case of Costal Radar applications.  

Non lethal deterrent systems

Non-Lethal Weapons
Wide Range NLWS Systems 

We can provide a wide range NLWS Systems that provide long range communication to provide clear intelligible commands to deter or delay access to a protected site. If the people do not follow instructions the system can then be used to stun and disorient any human targets.

Such systems can be used in conjunction with visible NLWS elements such as laser dazzlers and high power strobe / searchlights. Other NLWS elements such as Electrical Shocking systems with built-in zone alarms can also be deployed on Walls or Fences to deny access to would be intruders 

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