Eco Technologies has years of real world experience in the security industry covering many roles. Armed with in-depth knowledge, field proven technologies, a network of quality partnerships and relationships based on trust, honor and integrity, we are confident that we can help you solve complex or vexing security and communication challenges.

Eco Technologies can provide:

 Full Portfolio of Physical Security Parts and Smarts.

► Secure Wireless: Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Mesh and Military Grade.

► Access to trusted partners that will install, commission and maintain systems            anywhere in the world.

► Access to Subject Matter Experts who can tackle any size problem with                        confidence.


Fibersonics Systems

Distributed Vibration Sensing

This leading edge laser based technology provides up to 50Km / 31.25 Miles of fence line protection using standard single mode fiber optic cables. When any motion, sound or vibration acts on the fiber or anything the fiber is attached to, the wave pattern of the laser light is changed and detected using proprietary and patented optical sensing technology. It operates over an extremely board frequency range ( 3Hz to 500KHz) and is the world’s first and only distributed ultrasonic detector. It is effective at discriminating different patterns of interferences and environmental/traffic noises from potentially dangerous operational events/threats. Using sophisticated filtering and Boolean logic rules engine the probability of false alarms is virtually eliminated while effective monitoring is fully operational 24/7.

Notify 2.0 Activve Shooter Technology

Duress Management System

Go²Blu offers solutions in many markets including Corporate Office Buildings, Health-care, Senior Housing,Public Buildings, Schools and Colleges.

In order to meet the diverse requirements of each market, Go²Blu's software operates across multiple computing platforms. In addition, Go²Blu uses a sophisticated Rules Engine to define system personality and customer policies in each specific market. The Rules Engine delivers the needed flexibility to determine both inbound and outbound communications as well as meeting a customer's network security measures.

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